Flight permits and clearances

Landing and Overflight permits

We are fast and reliable in the processing of flight landing and overflight permits. We are known for our reputation in being able to process flight permits at short notice. Just tell us which country you want to overfly or which airport you wish to land to have a crew stop or tech stop or otherwise and we would help you process the overflight or landing permits in the country's airspace swiftly.

In addition, we are expereience in processing priority permission application for your emergency flights and air ambulance.

Scheduled or block flight permits

We also arrange scheduled and block flight landing and overflight permits. We have expertise in the aviation rules and regulations of the various civil aviation authorities around the world so you can trust us to be able to obtain scheduled or block flight permits for your scheduled or regular flight operations.

Diplomatic permits

Skyrouting Aviation staff are very vast, well trained and have a lot of experience with the procedures for obtaining diplomatic permits for government and peacekeeping operations worldwide. We have process diplomatic pertic permits for many of such organisations including the United Nations.

Whether it is government VIP flights or humanitarian or dangerous goods flights, we have been in business long enough to know the intricacies and complexity of diplomatic permits and we have always been successful in this area in all our years of operation.

Through our longstanding relationships with civil aviation authorities, embassies and other agencies, we are able to obtain flight landing permits and overflight clearances with ease and in the fastest possible time all around the world.

Custom Clearance

Due to the good rapport, relationship and trust we have built over the years with custom authorities in the countries where we operate, we are able to obtain custom clearance at short notice for non-complex requests. This means your flights can operate without delays.