Accommodation and Catering

Skyrouting provides reliable and excellent hotel arrangements for your crews and passengers. Pilots who have had crew rest arranged through us have so many good comments to make about our proper organisation; we take care of every little detail.

We also have alliance with suppliers to deliver flight catering for crews, passengers or VIPs.


Best discounted hotel room rates

We negotiate best discounted room rates for your crew and passengers hotel accommodation. Our over 20 years of experience and unbroken relationship with hoteliers around the world gives us the advantage to get the best rates on your behalf.


Booking flexibility

We also ensure flexibility in your hotel bookings. As your itinerary or schedules changes we also ensure your hotel bookings change accordingly.

Even at very short notice, we can re-arrange your hotel bookings to your desire and satisfaction. We understand that there are so many variables attached to flight operation and we do our best to ensure you are never left without a decent accommodation notwithstanding a change in your schedule.