Concierge Service

Meet and greet, Meet and assist

We have dedicated meet, greet and assist professionals positioned in all the cities where we operate. They know how it feels for a traveler to arrive in an unfamiliar city, hence they provide excellent and re-assuring protocol service to your crew, passengers and VIP.


24/7 Concierge service

Our well trained, dedicated and professional concierge protocol services experts are the disposal of your crew, passengers and VIPs. They will go all the way to ensure the people you care for are well catered for and ensure they are satisfied.

Our concierge services available to your crew, VIP and VVIPs 24/7 include the following: Hotel booking, meet and greet and assist, language translation, VIP security and transportation, visa assistance, travel insurance, catering and dining, security, car rentals, tours and guides, spa treatments, and chauffeured limousines and any other personal service you may require.


VIP Security

If you ever have to fly your VIP passengers through a volatile country, you can be rest assured of the security of your crew, passengers, VIPs and equipment. We collaborate with the security operatives of the land to provide adequate security for all you care about.

You won't need to worry about care for your crew and passengers.

That's because we would care for them right from the time your crew and passengers arrive to the time their airplane takes off. We would give your VIPs the premium attention and services due to them.

Crew and VIP Transportation

We offer ground transportation for crew and your passengers. From salon cars to Crew bus to Luxury Limousines and helicopter transfer for VIPs, we are at your service to get you all the comfort that you require. We provide impeccable top-of-the range transportation suitable for your crew and VIP passengers.


Immigration Clearance

Due to the good rapport, relationship and trust we have built over the years with immigration authorities in the countries where we operate, we are able to obtain immigration clearance at short notice for your crew members.